Here’s What a Firewall Actually Does for Your Business

The term “firewall” may sound like a heavy metal garage band, but it’s actually most appropriate in a corporate setting. Unfortunately, there’s some confusion among business owners about what firewalls actually do and who really needs one—leaving many businesses unnecessarily exposed to cyber threats.

Contrary to popular belief, firewalls aren’t only necessary for big corporations. If you’re unsure whether your small or medium sized business will benefit from implementing a firewall, here are some things to consider.

Firewalls protect data and devices

Think of a firewall as a kind of protective barrier for your business. But what can it guard you from, and how risky is operating without one? The answers: most threats, and very!

A firewall acts as a filter, allowing specific types of communication and excluding those perceived as a threat to your SMB’s devices and data. From malware and ransomware like WannaCry to Zacinlo, the last few years have seen increasingly elaborate cyber attacks launched against organizations of all sizes—and 60% of the smaller ones never recover. A properly configured firewall prevents malware and other types of attacks from infiltrating the network.

Firewalls help you change with the times

A great way to ensure your SMB’s longevity is to adopt technology that supports it through changing times.

The first firewall was introduced in 1994. The last 24 years may as well be 24,000 at the rapid pace the tech world moves at! But firewalls have been trusted for over two decades because the technology continues to evolve.

In the late 1990s, when the laptop shifted from novelty to necessity, firewall technology adjusted to protect a growing network perimeter. When companies moved data to the Cloud a decade later, firewalls were prepared to identify individual user activity and compare it to a defined standard. The trusty firewall is not going anywhere, and neither are the businesses that use them.

Firewalls minimize distractions

It may not seem as serious as a cyber attack, but lack of productivity is another threat to the success of your SMB.

The internet’s easy accessibility has contributed to the rise of a society in which the average person has a shorter attention span than a goldfish. If the lure of the internet consistently draws staff members’ attention away from their work, feel free to configure your firewall to block social media sites and other time wasters. Minimize distractions to maximize employee productivity and prioritize your bottom line.

An increasing number of SMBs are implementing firewalls to keep disaster and distraction at bay for years to come. Contact Virtual Firewall today and join the revolution!


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