3 Top Benefits of Next-Generation Firewalls in 2019

You wouldn’t use an old, busted lock or an outdated security system to keep your home, possessions, and family safe. So why do the same to your computer?

Traditional firewalls worked well back when networks were more straightforward and weren’t teeming with traffic and data. But with so much going on online and hackers getting smarter (and more malicious), a more advanced approach is needed.

Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are exactly what they sound like. They’re the newest generation of data protection software, untied to IP addresses and promising deeper and more controlled inspection capabilities.

Here are three great reasons to consider switching over to a next-gen firewall for your home or business.

Learning, adapting, updating, and attacking

Like the flu, security threats are always evolving, developing new strains, and taking on new forms. Your firewall system needs to be smart—always on the prowl for the next issue, and ready and able to mitigate risk.

NGFWs have antivirus and malware protection that constantly adapt and upgrade whenever new threats arise. The firewall is always working, looking for any source of vulnerability in your applications or potential sources of data leaks.

NGFWs are also able to tell the difference between application ports. Today, network connectivity is incredibly complex, and applications can use multiple ports instead of just one. This makes it extremely hard for traditional firewalls to identify the right port and block it in time.

Advanced NGFWs have increased application awareness, meaning they monitor traffic closely enough to determine what’s being sent or received. If the content is outside of the policy, it’s blocked.

The need for speed

As much as you want to keep your technology secure, you don’t want to sacrifice speed. With NGFWs, you don’t have to.

While scanning and assessing risks on high levels of traffic, traditional firewalls can make things slow down significantly. It’s enough to make anyone want to take their computer and toss it out the window.

NGFWs do what traditional firewalls say they do: they keep things moving. You get the protection you need without giving up the speed you love.

One source. More control.

Imagine if you had one security system for your home office, one for your kitchen, one for your family room, and one for your bedroom. It doesn’t make sense from a logistical standpoint, or a financial one.

Traditional firewalls operate just like that. For every new threat, you need a separate security appliance, meaning added costs and maintenance efforts—and unnecessary headaches.

NGFWs are all-encompassing. You’ll benefit from antivirus, deep-packet inspection, and application control all from one convenient device. This gives you more control over your firewall—and an easier time managing your security.

When it comes to your firewall, you want the best. You want a next-generation firewall. To find out more about our firewall and security services, get in touch today.


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